Flying Free

Flying Free

Friday, January 13, 2012

Things My Father Says

As I was surfing the web this morning I ran across a twitter site called "Shit my dad says."  I couldn't stop laughing once I started reading the words of wit spoken by a 74 year old man.  What I found so hilarious about the quotes was that they could have been spoken by my 80 year old father.  Apparently, with age and maturity comes the liberty of saying whatever it is you want to say, in whatever manner you want to say it, and in front of whomever you want to say it..  For those of us who have not quite reached that age of maturity that our parents have obtained, it is sometimes more than a little embarrassing to us when they spout off their opinions. 

Often times I have felt my face turn scarlet or rolled my eyes to the outlandish words uttered from my father's mouth.  I have to stop and remind myself that these moments of embarrassment will later turn into the memories that will turn my tears into laughter.

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  1. I think I am getting closer every day to really not caring what people think. I like it that we give older people a pass when they something outrageous. Something to look forward to.